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Located in Bratislava, Slovakia, the Doctor Martin dental clinic is based on a 70-year tradition.

The roots of our dental clinic reach back three generations into the 1940s, when Dr. Ladislav Tvrdoň, one of Slovakia’s first dentists, opened his private dental practice in Bratislava. His son, Dr. Martin Tvrdoň, followed in his footsteps, became a dentist as well as a respected international authority in stomatology. Still present at the clinic on a daily basis, Dr. Martin Tvrdoň serves as a guarantee of the best service for our clients and the clinic proudly bears his name.

However, tradition is nothing without keeping up with modern dentistry. Be it our staff, equipment or service, we strive to be the best and keep on improving.

Due to an outstanding reputation, we have been able to expand significantly and now have 15 dental clinics with thousands of satisfied clients to testify that we really care about tooth-care.Our staff is carefully picked following an exceptionally rigorous selection process, but we believe the best only go with the best. At Doctor Martin, you’ll find professionals dedicated to delivering the best for their clients and striving to improve at all times. We, as well as them, follow the latest trends in stomatology and bring them into practice for you, the clients of our dental clinic.

Once you’re in the chair, we only use the most advanced technology and the best of materials. We like when our clients come back, but we like it even more, when they don’t have to. To make it even more comfortable for you, we have a modern laboratory, meaning everything is done quickly, expertly and efficiently at one place. No delays for you, never ever.

To top it all off, you’ll love our service and the prices. We don’t beat around the bush: contact us and you’ll get a straightforward answer with a quote. Want to make the most of your trip to Slovakia? See what we can do for you.


You can still meet Mr. Martin Tvrdoň, the guarantor of the clinic, when you visit us. He is a well-respected international authority in dentistry and has set the standard that applies to our staff. Should you meet him at our clinic, ask him a question and he’ll go on talking passionately about stomatology and our specialists for hours.

We are very careful when hiring anyone at Doctor Martin. Everyone you meet or get in touch with is carefully picked after an extensive search and several rounds of interviews. From our receptionist to our dentists, everyone is an expert professional committed to serving our clients.
It is only due to this, that we can say our dental clinic has some of the best specialists in Central Europe.

For each of them, an extensive CV, years of practice, a passion for their job and drive to improve ever further is a must. However, we also make sure they know how to treat a client, so we can also back each and every one of them on a personal level.

Dr. Martin


Fair prices are what you quite rightly expect and you can save up to 70% compared to typical costs at a dental clinic in the UK.

However, you can also be sure we waste none of your time. Getting your teeth done usually lasts an eternity and this is mainly because it takes some time for crowns or veneers to be completed. The great news is – not at Doctor Martin!

We’ve built a brand new hi-tech laboratory which allows us to get everything done quickly and efficiently under one roof. This means we save as much of your time as possible. Want an example? It usually takes three visits within as much as half a year for a dental implant to be done. At Doctor Martin, you only need a couple of visits and it only takes one to three months!



We do our best to make your visit as comfortable as possible, however there are people who are genuinely afraid of dentists. And worse than that – they may suffer from a true phobia. Here are five steps to help you overcome any negative feelings.

The official name is nitrous oxide, we call it Entonox and you may recognise it as laughing gas. Whatever the name, the effect is the same. Entonox makes sure all fear and anxiety is gone in a few moments.

Entonox is very effective and because of its effects, it’s also very popular among stomatologists and their clients alike. Don’t worry, its effects are gone shortly after your treatment is done!

It’s not only about being top professionals and perfectionists, but also about knowing how to handle different situations carefully and smoothly. We know just how important it is for you to feel comfortable.

This is why there’s a special team to help you overcome any fears you may feel upon your visit. At Doctor Martin, we have invested into training a number of our team members to be qualified to provide professional help, should the need arise. Hence, there’s nothing to worry about anymore.

We know you are willing to listen to us at the end of the day and will be able to overcome your fears. However, the situation is slightly different with kids. Reasoning with them might just not be good enough.

Fortunately, there’s a trick and it’s called premedication – a special one to calm them down before the treatment. They’ll act like one of the funny kids you may know from Youtube once it’s handed to them, but it’s absolutely safe and completely harmless. And most importantly – there’s no more tears and fears!

If we still haven’t convinced you, here is a fix-all solution. General anaesthesia is sometimes necessary during the most difficult treatments, but it’s also the ultimate solution for those who might not be able to overcome their fear.

General anaesthesia is actually an easy way how to tell an average dental clinic from a perfect one. Not all clinics have a specialist qualified to administer it, but we do! And once you decide to go for it, one thing is for sure – you won’t feel a thing!

All clinics want it, but few actually qualify – the Dental Phobia Certificate can’t be taken for granted. To be able to join the prestigious group of dental clinics who can proudly present it, there’s a lot of different criteria you have to meet.

Among them are qualified members of staff able to help clients who struggle to overcome their fear, a certified anaesthesia administrator and many others including the highest standards of equipment. Once you see a clinic with a Dental Phobia Certificate, you can be sure there’s nothing to be afraid of.

We at Doctor Martin are immensely proud to be among those clinics! If there’s anything you’re worried about, feel free to set up a free consultation or come and see us.

DentalPhobia Certified

Dr Martin Tvrdon is a Dental Phobia Certified dentist Click Here to verify.

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