An imperfect smile can seriously affect your confidence, but there are two very simple solutions to your problem.


We consider ourselves specialists in dental implants with thousands of satisfied clients serving as proof. Should you wish to have a missing tooth replaced quickly, effectively and permanently, dental implants are the ideal solution.

Dental implants are titanium rods or screws embedded into your jawbone. They are also biocompatible, meaning there’s no risk of allergy. After the insertion of a dental implant, an extension (also called an abutment) is then secured to it, so a new dental crown can be placed on it.

As difficult as it may sound, the result is astonishing. A dental implant is the perfect substitute for a missing tooth, it feels just like one and lasts even longer!


A dental bridge is made of porcelain. On each of the existing teeth, there’s a crown to hold the dental bridge and there’s one more on top of it.

The result of this very simple and quick procedure is a perfect tooth lookalike and we even go as far as to find the color that perfectly matches the real color of your existing teeth!

Why settle for better when you can aim for perfect?

We understand teeth are also a matter of good looks. Aesthetic stomatology has been growing ever more popular and now offers several methods of how to make your teeth look perfect.


A veneer is a thin layer of porcelain put on the front surface of your tooth. They can also be used to fill small gaps between teeth and due to them being very thin, very little tooth preparation is necessary.


A tooth crown or a tooth cap is a porcelain cap made from pure ceramic and is placed on top of a tooth, being carefully and expertly placed over a natural tooth or dental implant. Just like a veneer, it can visibly enhance your smile.

To make sure your crown fits perfectly we either have it tailor-made by hand or create one using a 3D machine and a dental milling machine in our brand-new laboratory.


Want to flash around your perfect white smile? It really is very simple. To whiten your teeth, we use the Beyond Whitening system from Beyond Dental & Health, an American manufacturer.

In the process, dental hygiene is performed first and then protective silicon is applied to gums. We then use some bleaching gel for the front surfaces of your teeth and light it with an acceleration lamp. This procedure is repeated three times, but it doesn’t take more than an hour.

We have to ask you not to eat colouring food or smoke for 48 hours after the procedure, but that’s it!


Teeth and mouth tissue are closely related to our general health as this is often where infections and toxins enter our body. Dead and gangrenous teeth present them with yet another opportunity and this only emphasises how important proper dental care really is.

Focal infections are the most common of the kind and unfortunately, they are able to enter our bloodstream or lymphatic system and attack the tissue of our internal organs. Naturally, our immunity system wants to protect our body and the reaction is often very strong, with a deterioration in health still being one of the better outcomes.

Long story short: This can be serious. Come and see us to find out if we can help you solve and treat your current problems.

Decay and gum disease are the two main causes of tooth loss. The better you prevent them, the less dental treatment you’ll need and yes, the more money you’ll save.

As a part of preventive dental care, our dental team will first thoroughly check your teeth and gums and then proceed to remove all plaque and tartar from your teeth. We will also make sure all your fillings are in good condition. When they are as good as new, it’s time to talk about dental hygiene.

Bacterial plaque constantly forms on your teeth and it can cause gum inflammation, so it’s important to remove it regularly. We will show you the best ways to brush your teeth and how to use interdental brushes or floss.

Once shown the proper techniques, we also talk about your diet or any other habits to help you improve your teeth health. After that, we are done. Preventing a disease is called prophylaxis and although it may sound difficult, it really is very simple. The bad news is, keeping it up is only up to you!

A root canal is a layer of pulp with many nerves and blood vessels, so when it starts hurting, it hurts really badly. Is your tooth sensitive, does it hurt when you bite or even touch it? Well, if you want to avoid losing teeth and needing a dental implant, endodontistry is the solution.

Endodontistry means dental surgery and should thus only be performed by specialists such as our expert team at Doctor Martin. Although the problem might be very painful, its solution is simple: root canal treatment only takes a single visit.

During the procedure, a digital microscope is used to ensure close control and detailed work. Affected pulp is removed and the root canal cleaned, cured and sealed with an anti-allergic root filling. If needed, a dental crown can be fitted on top of the tooth to avoid future infection and improve its structure.

The result? No pain and a tooth you can fully use again. And because we only use the best materials, there’s a 5-year guarantee!

There are always micro-organisms on your tooth’s surfaces and once an aggressive immunological response sets in, your gums become inflamed. If your gums are red, swollen or bleeding, you have been neglecting dental hygiene and may be suffering from periodontitis.

Unfortunately, periodontitis is a rather serious dental disease that doesn’t look good and, as it affects gums that support your teeth, can lead to tooth loss if left untreated. While it can be prevented by adopting thorough oral hygiene habits, factors such as smoking also significantly increase the risk.

Depending on its severity, there are several steps for curing periodontitis. We are very happy to instruct you on proper dental hygiene or clean, polish and treat your teeth. However, corrective surgical treatment may be necessary in particular cases, in which case the gum is lifted away and the root surfaces are cleaned to ensure all bacteria is removed.

All in all, periodontitis is surely worth avoiding by taking care of your teeth. However, we’re always here to help!

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