As the structure of a tooth is much too small for a human eye, infected teeth were often sentenced to extraction in the past. Now, digital microscopes allow us to save them.

Our digital microscope is crucial for root canal treatment, as it allows us to see the inside of a tooth in great detail. We can identify even the subtlest of structures and take appropriate action without affecting a wider area than absolutely necessary.


As teeth whitening is getting ever more popular, a whitening lamp is an absolute must. However, it is also recommended after major tooth reconstruction procedures to ensure all teeth have the same colour.

During teeth whitening, a whitening gel is applied to the front areas of your teeth and a high-tech Opalescence acceleration lamp is used to activate it.


Not so long ago, getting an x-ray was a rather complicated thing requiring time, effort and also imagination. These days, using our 3D x-ray, the picture is as perfect as it gets, providing our specialists with all the knowledge they need to work with.

It’s fast and it’s effective. It only takes a couple of minutes to have your teeth x-rayed and before you’re back in the chair, the whole digital picture is already on screen, where it can be resized and viewed from different angles.

Also, by showing you why and what we’re going to do, it allows us to keep you up-to-date with all the procedures.


Our wireless Trios 3Shape intraoral scanner is definitely up there with the best on the market. It allows you to see exactly what the doctor sees and helps you understand the treatment perfectly.

In fact, the new 3Shape is the ultimate doctor/patient communication tool. Its scan speed is remarkable and the screen provides uniquely realistic colours. All of this makes for a perfect treatment experience.


A benchmark in its field, the modern Zenotec milling machine just can’t get enough praise. It is very compact, yet still combines a CNC milling system with automated manufacture.

And while automated manufacture may sound strange when it comes to dentistry, it means the milling machine can be set to work overnight making the whole process all the more efficient.


A magnifying glass may sound a little outdated, but dentists sometimes need to take a closer look using it. And as simple as it may be, we only settle for the best. On this front, nothing can quite beat Zeiss, the German medical equipment producer.

Their lenses have excellent brightness, a wide field of vision and enlargement spectre, while the picture and colour quality are second to none. Actually, if you take a look at the lenses we talk about, you’ll find out they’re nowhere near what you imagined!


RVG is a bit of a 2 in 1, especially when coupled with an x-ray. Should you be suffering from periodontitis, it allows us to cure your teeth while simultaneously being under the visual control of the x-ray.

This is as close as it gets to seeing your teeth cured in real time.


While ozone serves as a natural protection from solar radiation, it can also be produced artificially using an electric diffuser such as the HealOzone.

Ozone helps to kill the bacteria that cause tooth decay and gum disease, so it’s effective for prevention as well as treatment. Bacteria are also responsible for dental cavities and the quick and pain-free HealOzone removes them.

There are healthy, anti-acidic bacteria in our mouth and HealOzone creates optimal conditions to restore them, thereby supporting the natural self-cleaning system in your mouth. By also destroying sulphur compounds, it significantly contributes to mouth odour removal. We can’t produce enough ozone to help the Earth, but we can surely help you!


This is a human eye that can see round a corner. It effortlessly delivers clear and detailed images onto the monitor for the dentist to see and for the client to understand.

With our intraoral camera, even the smallest details such as cracks and cavities as well as any anomalies are visible. Tiny and comfortable, it gives us a clear overview of your mouth – maybe that’s why it’s also called a conversation starter.


We need to get a proper view of your mouth and scan it. Velscope is a handheld device that emits harmless blue light and inspects your mouth and tongue.

The device is very simple: the distinctive blue spectrum light causes the soft tissue of the mouth to naturally fluoresce and exposes any abnormal tissue changes. This, in fact, is a procedure that goes well beyond dentistry, as it can help avoid a number of diseases, such as dysplasia or oral cancer.


When it comes to teeth, perfection counts.

Pentamix is an automatic mixing unit used to create a homogenous material. The material then serves to create shapes, which are used to get an exact imprint of your tooth.

Once we know what your tooth looks like, we can create a prosthetic substitute that just fits perfectly!


As teeth whitening is getting ever more popular, a whitening lamp is an absolute must. However, it is also recommended after major tooth reconstruction procedures to ensure all teeth have the same colour.

During teeth whitening, a whitening gel is applied to the front areas of your teeth and a high-tech Opalescence acceleration lamp is used to activate it.


We want to keep everything as effective and simple as possible for you, our client. This also means having all the tools available for an examination before we take any action.

In this case, the apex locator is a simple tool capable of doing magic. As its name suggests, it locates the end of your root canal telling us how deep it is. Once we know this, we also know exactly what tools to use and are able to estimate the whole procedure more accurately.


The official name is nitrous oxide, we call it Entonox and you may recognise it as laughing gas. Whatever the name, the effect is the same. Entonox makes sure you feel no pain while treated. Ever.

Entonox is a local anaesthetic widely used throughout all areas of medicine to relieve, or much rather, avoid pain altogether. Being applied locally, it is also very effective – and its effects are gone shortly after you leave our clinic.


Endoexcavators usually seem a bit scary, mainly due to what looks like a long, thin and sharp claw, but there’s no need to be afraid of them. In fact, they are used for one of the most important dental procedures called endodontistry, or in human language, root canal treatment.

There’s a lot of these hand instruments different in sizes and handle configurations, but you’ll come to appreciate all of them. And you won’t know they are there at all – to make it all the more comfortable for you, we always use local anaesthetics.


This is the place where your dental crowns literally come to life. This is where they are born and perfected.

A dental furnace is not only able to create the form, but also develop it further. Its colour may be adjusted to match your natural teeth and the shape perfected to seamlessly fit in.

Typically, dental crowns are not created on the spot, meaning you have to come back, but having an in-house lab allows us to work efficiently. With our dental furnace it takes no more than a single visit and no more than 30 minutes to have the crown ready.

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