Dental Bridges


A dental bridge is the best solution if you don’t feel like having an implant. It serves to connect two existing (natural or implanted) teeth by creating a bridge between them and replacing one, two, three or even more missing teeth.

A bridge will span the area where teeth are missing. It is attached to the natural teeth or implants that surround this space. The natural teeth or implants which support the bridge are called abutments. Depending on the type of bridge, natural abutment teeth may be reduced in size to accommodate the bridge to fit over them.

If the teeth receiving the crowns are healthy and strong, they probably will not need root canal therapy. A dental bridge is either ceramic or metalo-ceramic, it’s comfortable and it not only works perfectly, but also looks great. We always make sure to find the colour that perfectly matches the real colour of your existing teeth!

The treatment is a quick one as it’s relatively simple: on each of the existing teeth, there’s a crown to hold the bridge and there’s one more on top of it. The preparation is the same as with crowns, meaning the procedure takes exactly the same short amount of time. We are done in a single visit.Having said that, due to durability and a more natural feel, we generally recommend using dental implants rather than a bridge

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