Dental hygienist: Luxury thing or a must?


Dental hygienist: Luxury thing or a must?

A dental hygienist is someone who works closely with a dentist at a dental clinic to ensure that all the oral health needs of their patients are met.

A dental hygienist will typically focus on the patient screening process such as the oral health examination, xrays as well as certain procedures such as removing plaque and calculus, applying preventative materials etc. They also provide patients with dental care advice and suggestions.

Is it necessary to see a dental hygienist?

It absolutely is! Visiting a dental hygienist should be a part of your regular care. You may brush your teeth just the way you’re supposed to and you may take all the recommended precautions, but it still doesn’t mean your oral cavity is perfectly healthy. Each individual has got a different set of teeth: they vary in shape, size and angles, so it’s very hard to apply universal rules. At which point, a dental hygienist is able to pick up on any irregularities that one may not have picked up on themselves.


So How Do They Look After Us?

Before the dental hygienist proceeds to treatment, an examination is needed. The treatment itself depends from it and is divided into several steps.

First of all, the thickest layers of tartar will be removed using ultrasound and the finer parts will be removed manually with a scraper. Drinking coffee, tea or too much soda may lead to pigment on your teeth and we’ll remove all of it using the AIRFLOW method, also known as sandblasting. It combines air, water and a special powder and removes all residues and sediments, making your teeth cleaner, smoother and whiter.

Fluoridation using fluoride gel is no less important, as it increases the ability of your teeth to protect themselves against decay and prevents them from descaling. Just like most of the procedures, fluoridation too is completely painless and not even local anaesthetics are required.


Visit your dental hygienist at least once a year

We do recommend undergoing the whole dental hygiene procedure at least once a year. However, the needs of every patient are individual and depend on the state your oral cavity is in. If you’re having problems, you definitely should see your dental hygienist at least twice a year. We’re ready to help, but we’ll only be able to tell you what you need once you come to see us.


Dedicate an hour of your time to healthier teeth

Visiting your dental hygienist takes no time at all and depending on individual needs may last from 40 to 60 minutes. In that period, you’ll undergo all the procedures described above, including sandblasting and teeth fluoridation. And it doesn’t cost much, too: you can have nicer and healthier teeth for only 45 Euros!

In closing, here are some basic guidelines about tooth care:

  • Brush your teeth with an interdental device and brush at least twice a day
  • Use a toothpaste which contains fluorine, as it strengthens your enamel
  • Every time you eat something, have a coffee or smoke a cigarette, the least you can do is wash your mouth with water and have a chewing gum
  • Do visit your dental hygienist regularly

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