Day Trip To Devin Castle

You need panoramic ability in your eyes to have a look at the view from Devin Castle in a single sight. The beautiful ruins of Castle are one of the major highlights for a trip to Bratislava.  The ruins are preserved so aptly that it can also be noted for its maiden tower which looks naturally balanced on a rock. The best part is the stunning geographical position, offering a panoramic view of the Danube and Morava rivers.

The real beauty of the day trip lies in the vast region of the landscape, rolling hills, rivers, greenery for miles, and to have this medieval castle sitting proudly in the center is a delight for eyes to have a look at. The castle offers amazing views of the region as you’d expect, and the museum inside gives a great insight into the history of castles and weaponry.

To explore castle you just need to follow the arrow signs which will help you to follow the right direction. And to reach the Devin you just need to travel 20 km from the city which you’ll be able to do in 20-30 mins at max via Bus/Taxi. You can complete your Devin Trip in 3 to 4 hours at max and the best time to visit is in morning or an afternoon.


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